Saturday, June 2, 2007

Las Vegas - Stardust Buffet Has Closed

The new 24/7 magazine is out (June 2007). They have finally removed The Stardust from their buffet listing.

The final Stardust buffet (Coco Palms Buffet at The Stardust) was at the end of October 2006. The Stardust closed altogether 1 November 2006. On 13 March 2007 The Stardust was imploded.

24/7 is a free magazine so you can't complain. Much like with this blog.
For tourists I think 24/7 is an especially nice magazine as it is only 3 by 4 inches, or so, and can be carrried along easily. Maybe they should call it 3x4 instead of 24/7.
As souvenirs the full size free magazines they stick in your hotel room are nicer than 24/7. Functionally though, 24/7 is better; especially in the heat.
Anything larger (like a full size magazine) quickly becomes unnecessary weight and is quickly thrown overboard.

Cameras, water, magazines/guides, cell phone, wallet. It's the magazine that gets ditched.

For the record, the cover of the June issue of 24/7 is advertising Picasso's Ceramics at the Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Art. (At least that was the particular version of cover I obtained.)

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