Saturday, June 9, 2007

Las Vegas - Klondike Sign Removed

The Klondike (Las Vegas Boulevard location) has been closed for almost one year. Except for the fence around the property, (and the post close auction) it appears to have sat untouched.

Only in the last few days has there been any noticeable work.
Some of the signs have come down. The boarded up glass doors have been unboarded, as I suppose some gutting is taking place.

I read that The Klondike was originally a Motel 6 in 1962. Then it was sold in 1976 and became The Klondike. If that is true, I find it rather incredible.

Motel 6 owned a property at the beginning of The Strip, right near the famous Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign, and sold it? If they owned the property now, it would be the most visible Motel 6 in the world.

If you look at the front of The Klondike, (where the fence is now) you can see the sandy unkempt front. This, and the neighboring parcels of land might be the only spots left on The Strip which have such a sandy front.

It's nostalgic, and for Las Vegas nostalgia buffs, I recommend walking The Strip between the Welcome sign and The Happi Inn (with your camera). It is only a few blocks, but it does contain some remnants from long gone motels, and a few remaining old style places. One side of the street has abandoned signs and short buildings, the other side has the towering Mandalay Bay.

How fast does The Strip change?

Since The Klondike closed at the end of June 2006...
-The Stardust has closed and been imploded.
-Barbary became Bills
-Aladdin became Planet Hollywood
-Frontier has announced and is nearing it's closing
-The small white church just north of The Riviera has been physically relocated

(List incomplete)

Which of the following do you think will occur first...?

A-Klondike demolition completed

B-Planet Hollywood construction/modification completed

C-Frontier closed for good

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