Monday, June 11, 2007

Las Vegas - Klondike Again (One Lightbulb At A Time)

The Klondike appears to be being razed by two people. One with a hammer and the other a bucket. Light bulbs, are being meticulously removed and then strewn on the ground anywhere. Room doors are are broken as if an angry man punched his fist through the door. (Happy people do not fist doors.)

It is as if the property owner placed an ad in one of those neighborhood garage sale type papers seeking a demolition crew. I don't know what is going on there; but compare it to the unbelievably well planned and executed demolition of The Stardust. Four and one half months from open for business, to completely gutted and imploded.

The Klondike is still unscrewing lightbulbs, (a year after closing).

Unless these two get some help, I expect that the demolition of the Klondike will be completed in 2017. Late 2017.

Diablo's Cantina is still under construction, but making very good progress. It will be completed before any significant change occurs at The Klondike.

StripBurger is still advertising itself as opening this month. Never realized how much effort goes into opening a StripBurger.

The Frontier has about a month left; (which means that you have about a month left to visit The Frontier).

As of a week ago the gift shop was selling out. Frontier branded merchandise was being sold at 50% off. They had a kind of plastic vehicle coffee container for 2 bucks or so (after discount). Also they had a lot of clear plastic Frontier boots. You don't wear them - I think you could put change in them. I don't know. I bought one. It's in the closet.

Dice was going for 75 cents (after discount). These were Frontier branded dice which had been used, and which comes in a plastic container.
A little more north on The Strip...There was a traffic light located on The Strip at the north entrance of The Stardust; (between the sports book side and La Concha). All it really did was stop traffic so that pedestrians could cross. It is actually a rather useful light. As of now it is flashing yellow, with the expectation that drivers are bright and alert enough to stop for pedestrians in the cross walk. That is a dangerous expectation.

I've got to get over to photograph whatever is being constructed where the little white church was, just north of The Riviera. I drove past it but did not stop. I believe that it is to be a condo tower, but I am not sure. In a day or two I will get to it.

Drive carefully. Come back soon.

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