Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Frontier Las Vegas - The Dark Side

The New Frontier in Las Vegas is going to close next month, (July 2007).

Not many tourists see the no longer used Industrial Road sign/entrance for The New Frontier. It is kept dark, and at night one could drive past without even noticing it. That however is not the only dark side.

Sammy Davis Jr. performed at The New Frontier, (I believe that it was still simply The Frontier at the time) when racial segregation was enforced, even against those who were performing at the venue. It is astonishing to think that a person who performed at a hotel, was not only not permitted to stay at the hotel, but not permitted to be in a dressing room. Thus, between acts, Sammy had to stand out by the pool.

Eventually as Sammy Davis Jr became more famous, he was able to use his notoriety to help in promoting and causing change.

The New Frontier is a rather historical Las Vegas property. And I imagine that it will be imploded before the year is up.

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