Thursday, June 28, 2007

Las Vegas - Diablo's Cantina - Artist's Rendition

As the construction of Diablo's Cantina at the Monte Carlo continues, I have become impressed with the details. Diablo's Cantina will be a restaurant with several bars, live entertainment, and areas with an open air design.

The stone wall on the north side is up. The open air design of the second floor, by the stone wall, is going to be an incredible location, especially at night.

Diablo's Cantina is reporting that they will have sultry senoritas, and roaming tequilla vixens.

I will be following up on this Las Vegas restaurant under construction, in greater detail this week.

The official website for Diablo's Cantina is:

Please note: I am aware that some people thought that the official name was Monte Carlo Cantina. The official name is Diablo's Cantina. Monte Carlo Cantina is the project name being used by Penta Building Group. And apparently they are building one of the hotter places on The Strip. I can't wait for Diablo's Cantina to open.

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