Thursday, June 14, 2007

Las Vegas - Palazzo - Slappers

There is not enough room for the slappers in front of Palazzo.

Take a look at the gentleman wearing a red shirt and backpack; he is a slapper in full dress uniform, doing his job.

Slappers attempt to hand out advertisements which might be of interest to adults. That does not offend me. But I think that it is ridiculous that slapping is occurring at this particular location. The slapping, and the machines as well here, are an unacceptable obstruction.

It is bad enough that Palazzo has pushed pedestrians to within 3 feet of the gutter. Here we see that the slappers (there is another one there, hidden by the black pickup truck) pushing pedestrians one more foot closer to the gutter barrier.

Las Vegas boulevard between the Venetian/Palazzo junction, and the escalator around the corner is too narrow due to the construction. It gets very crowded with pedestrian traffic going in both directions. Sometimes it comes to a complete stop as someone forgets how to walk.
When Palazzo opens, I suppose that the slappers will not be allowed in front. Right now though, as unsuspecting tourists suddenly find themselves jammed into the hellhole that is the sidewalk in front of Palazzo, they are further obstructed by men in red shirts and backpacks, who extend and retract their arms for a living.

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