Wednesday, June 20, 2007

StripBurger Las Vegas - Lit And Soon To Open

StripBurger has it's signs up and lit, and is set to open before the end of June 2007. Hammering has gone on through the nights for a while. Finally it seems that they have reached the end phase, as cleaning and polishing was taking place Tuesday night.

It is nice that the outdoor seating area is slightly elevated. Also the outdoor seating area has a view of The Strip, but is set back just a little. This provides good people watching, while not having the feeling of being in and overpowered by the passing crowd.

Some restaurants on The Strip have outdoor seating which is uncomfortably close to the passing crowd. That is not the case at StripBurger.

StripBurger is located at The Frontier side of The Fashion Show Mall, near the giant fork. By this time next month, The Frontier will be closed, StripBurger will be open, and the fork will remain.

For a look at some of what will be offered at StripBurger, take a look at an earlier post of mine, located at:

Drive Carefully - Come Back Soon


L.E. Fant said...

Ray, does Stripburger grind its owm meat or does it use pre-ground, pre-additived, posible pre-E-Colied meat?

SRW said...

I am glad that you asked.

StripBurger grinds it's own meat on an ongoing basis throughout the day. This is something which I found rather attractive, and is yet another reason why I am looking forward to the opening of StripBurger.

I may post the StripBurger info on their throughout the day grinding in an upcoming post.

SRW said...

Fant, if you go to an earlier post of mine, (which I linked to in this post anyway):

Read the top of the menu photo, and you will see that they proclaim

"...burgers are ground fresh throughout the day from 100% all-natural beef and never frozen."

TunaChest said...

That sounds great. I gotta try this place and Diablos Cantina looks awesome.