Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Las Vegas - Truck Flip

A triple trailer flipped Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of Sunset Road and Sandhill, in Las Vegas. Actually 2/3 of the triple trailer flipped on it's right side, while the final trailer remained standing. Several large tows were brought in and pulled the trailer back upright.

It might be only coincidence, but I have seen a number of pieces of heavy equipment flipped over here in Las Vegas, and Henderson. I make it a point to avoid driving near such vehicles.

Even cement trucks. I don't know what it is, (maybe it is just the heavy amount of construction going on out here) but I have even seen cement trucks flip on ordinary streets.

By the way, the location of this truck flip (Sunset and Sandhill) is one and a half miles from McCarran Airport. Sunset Road is followed by pilots landing on runway 25L (and R).

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