Wednesday, June 6, 2007

StripBurger Las Vegas - Looking Good

Hurry up and open already. This is the month that StripBurger Las Vegas is set to open, according to their own sign.

The menu is up. The hiring sign is up. Somebody was doing something with a hammer and a saw. Maybe building a table or a chair or something. I don't know.

Let's look at the menu.

Actually let me first point out the location. Stripburger is on the southwest corner of Fashion Show Drive and Las Vegas Boulevard. Or to put it more graphically; The Trump Sales Office and The New Frontier is on one corner, StripBurger is on the other corner, and the main driveway to Wynn is across the street.

Now to the menu. I looked at it. I like it.

They have some interesting drinks such as The StripSearch, (I'm not telling what is in it). There are ordinary shakes (vanilla, chocolate etc) but you have the option to make them interesting.

I saw a hangover sandwich, (which looked good, hangover or not), a vegetarian sandwich, a variety of fries.

There is a salad, for the salad people.

My expectation is that StripBurger will be a very crowded place, and that that will be the only disappointment. In another six weeks, you will be able to dine at StripBurger on their outdoor patio, and look out at what will be the defunct New Frontier.

When it is defunct, do we still have to call it New?

You can also look across at Wynn and the construction of Encore.
Perhaps I will report back on a dining experience from StripBurger.

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