Friday, June 1, 2007

Las Vegas - The Sign Is Blocked

Happy June, here comes the heat. My internet weather source is predicting a Las Vegas high temperature of 104 today (Friday 1 June 2007).
On Las Vegas Boulevard, a block north of Circus Circus, there is a sign which indicates that DOWNTOWN is ahead. The sign has been there for a while. A few years at least. Maybe 11 years. It's been there is what I'm trying to say.

Who put the tree in front of the sign?
Frontier closing in a little more than a month. Last chance for Sigma Derby and mud wrestling. Dirty girls and filthy rooms or whatever the famous sign says.

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A.I. Editor said...

I was at Circus circus more than 11 years ago.

The tree was not blocking the sign.

Silly landscaper.

Roy Vegas is in my Movie Special blog Friendly Links side bar.

Thanks Roy!