Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Las Vegas - Wind, Stripburger, Scofflaws


Windy Tuesday night in Las Vegas. Television news supposedly reported 60 mile per hour wind. I'm not sure how accurate that is. At the airport I listened to air traffic control for a few minutes, and they were reporting winds varying from 20 to 22 mph. It did feel windier than that later on, but only at the peak of gusts.


Then again, as you can see by the accompanying photo, the wind was apparently strong enough to knock over some poles at the main entrance of The New Frontier. Also, the Sirens Of T.I. pirate battle at Treasue Island was called off due to wind.


Considering that the temperature has already reached 104, it is rather cool temporarily - before we get back into it. At 3am (0300 hrs) as I write this, the temperature is 68, and the report I have seen is calling for 79 high and 59 low on Wednesday.


I saw the menu for StripBurger, which is scheduled to open this month. Some interesting items, including a bloody mary burger. I did see that they have a gratuity rule which tags an 18% gratuity to parties of 5 or more. Kind of a defensive way to begin a food for money relationship. Later on I will cover StripBurger in greater detail.


Also on the burner here at the RoyVegas blogspot studio is a story which you will only see here. A group of nincompoops decided to jump over the fence, and run across Spring Mountain Road (from Treasure Island to The Fashion Show Mall) instead of using the pedestrain bridge, and were almost struck by a vehicle. Photos of this act of stupidity are being prepared at this very moment.


Thank you dear readers for recognizing the raw, simple, and offbeat quality of this blog. It is my intent to present Las Vegas street real and off the cuff. This blog, much like Las Vegas and life itself, is for fun.

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