Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Las Vegas - Palazzo Progress Slowing?

  • Architecturally incorrect.

  • Blocky.

  • Large.

  • Horrifying.

These are just a few of the funnier comments I have heard people make regarding the construction of Palazzo. The place is so huge and completely occupying the land on which it is being built, that the absence of open front space seems to instigate such comments.

Lately it seems to me, that the visible rate of progress has slowed at Palazzo. For a while it seemed to be being built quickly enough that if I didn't drive past for a week, I would be surprised at how much had been done since the last time I had passed.

Of course I have no idea how much work is being done on the inside, so my passing observation is without any substance.

Palazzo Las Vegas says that they will open this year, and I believe them.

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