Friday, March 9, 2012

RoyVegas Flashback - Sexy bebe Ad at Frontier Bus Stop

RoyVegas Flashback (but not a repeat)
Las Vegas, Nevada April 2005
The New Frontier

The bus stop in front of the Frontier in Las Vegas, Nevada, often had a sexy bebe ad, back in 2005.  The ads were always rotating, and always sexy.  Sexy and rotating.  Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Whenever I noticed a bebe ad in front of the Frontier, I photographed it.  So, here you go.

You know what else is attractive about this photo, aside from the girl in the black dress?

Just the way the Frontier was set up, that it was so easy to walk inside.  No mammoth garage, nor giant mall.  The red lighting and nostalgic way was excellent at night.

I made fun of the place, (there was a lot which one could make fun of,) but I was also a customer there.  And although the self parking was generally in the back and also north side, the entrances from those locations were just as easy as this front entrance was to the bus stop.

The Frontier no longer exists.

No place was as easily entered as The Frontier and The Stardust, certainly not by 2005.

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SRW said...

You know something? This photo is really sweet. bebe should pay me and use the entire image as an ad, specifically in Las Vegas, locations.

Contact me bebe.


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