Tuesday, March 6, 2012

White Cross Drugs Is Closing - Las Vegas, Nevada

White Cross Drugs in Las Vegas, Nevada, is closing.

In 2007 I did a post on White Cross Drugs, a drug store with a luncheonette, which is near the Stratosphere.  Today I saw a lot of traffic to that old post of mine.  That is how I found out that White Cross is closing.

White Cross Drugs is located at 1700 Las Vegas Blvd.  The intersection is Las Vegas and Oakey.  It is easily in walking distance of the Stratosphere, as you can see in some of these recent photos.

Later this week I will do an extensive visit and post to White Cross Drugs, with video, photos, everything.

What this might mean for Harry O's BBQ, which used to be a Lana Fuchs location, will remain to be seen.

Supposedly the luncheonette will remain open, but personally I would not count on that, at least not for long, the way business rolls.  Even if it did, it clearly would not have the same charming mystique of a drug store with a luncheonette.

Is it possible that a chain drug store like Walgreens or CVS will open there?

This is exactly why I have frequently written that one must make a point of visiting places which are old and in risk of going away.

In 2007 I did not think that this place would remain open for as long as it has.  Places like this do not last, anymore.

I have read that the company which runs the drug store portion of this business has run into difficulty with a drug supplier. 

Even so, I do not see why they wouldn't try something like expanding the luncheonette across and into the drug store footage of this establishment.

My thanks to Rex's website for letting me know that White Cross is closing.  Please view the very post at Rex's Forums, from which I learned that White Cross Drugs in Las Vegas, Nevada, is closing.


Also, you can view my earlier post about White Cross Drugs at:


I encourage readers to hit F11 when viewing my RoyVegas photos, as it will present larger and more clearly.

Also, please bookmark and return to this site as I intend to cover White Cross Drugs as only a blogger can.  I can afford to give detail to minutiae.

And although the newspapers and tv news, at least in Las Vegas, will now cover this story.  I covered White Cross Drugs in 2007 and strongly encouraged Las Vegas buffs to visit White Cross Drugs as soon as they could.

I even recall a follower of this blog who I encouraged to visit White Cross Drugs a few years ago, and I recall that he let me know some time later that he had indeed visited White Cross Drugs.

Well, I feel good now that I know of at least one person who thought that it was valuable enough to visit while he could.

Bookmark this site if you are interested in seeing much more extensive coverage of White Cross Drugs, as I am going to cover it and give you photo and video souvenirs galore.

If you do go to visit White Cross Drugs before they close, there is another landmark nearby which you might wish to walk past; the motel where WSOP World Series Of Poker star Stu Ungar was found dead in room number 6 in November 1998.

I made a post recently regarding the Oasis Motel and Stu Ungar, you made find it at:


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