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Las Vegas First Friday - Food - 2 March 2012

Las Vegas, Nevada.
First Friday
Friday 2 March 2012
First Vegas Burn
7 Photos of Food Concessions

After the burning of Lucky lady Lucy, the las Vegas version of Burning Man, lines formed at all food concessions. 

There was a wine place that did not seem to be humming too well, (hint, put up a sign that says 2 glasses of wine $8.00, and sit the couples down - they can upgrade if they so choose).  Also, have friends filling up some of the empty tables, or better yet, have less tables.  Try four.  Bring more out as needed.

Here is a photo set exhibiting mostly, the food aspect at First Friday, which clearly dominated the marketplace.  Deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough.  First Vegas Burn T shirts.  Hamburgers.  Pizza.  Pickles, I think.  Kettle corn.

The intersection of 3rd and Colorado in Las Vegas, Nevada, is not familiar to many tourists.  Some of these photos contain the Stratosphere which you can use as a point of reference.  The event was north of the Stratosphere by several blocks.  A block or two past Dino's.

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