Monday, March 12, 2012

Las Vegas at Sahara - The 4 Corners

Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Sahara Block, labeled photo, as seen from Stratosphere, 2006.
At the bottom right, is the corner where the so called world's biggest gift shop is located.  Bonanza gifts.  It is still there, and still open.
Above that is a westbound W - go that way on Sahara to get to I-15.
Above that is an unimproved lot, been that way for decades, ever since El Rancho Vegas burned down.
Next we see LVB Las Vegas Blvd identified, as well as the southbound S.
At the top right, Old El Rancho sign, being used with a Turnberry Ad.  This was a different El Rancho, not the one which burned down.  Nonetheless, it is an artifact; was.
Wet N Wild remains are identified, and visible.  It was a water park on Las Vegas Blvd.
Turnberry is a group of residential buildings.
The Sahara monorail station is visible.  The walkway leading into the Sahara must be closed now, as the Sahara is closed now.
And we have the place that was the Holy Cow, and then some time later Ivana siad she was going to build a private residence building on that postage stamp sized parcel.  The location remains unoccupied.

Out of the 4 corners of Sahara Ave and Las Vegas Blvd, only one has an active business; the northwest corner which still has Bonanza - the world's largest gift shop.  Dice, booze, t shirts, and used to be film, but everything is digital now.

The nearest open major casino hotel to this intersection is the Stratosphere.

The Stratosphere has a Denny's one block north, and an IHOP one block south.

The Sahara Hotel and Casino, on Las Vegas Blvd could not stay open for business.  But IHOP and Denny's up the block are serving folks as you read this.  Go figure.

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