Saturday, March 3, 2012

Las Vegas Lucky Lady Lucy Angry Crowd

First Vegas Burn.  The crowd is angry in this video.  Everyone was waiting for the Las Vegas version of burning man.  The crowd was packed.  Even for a tall man, it was not easy to see.  Never being sure when they were going to start the burn, everyone kept on putting their hands over their heads with their cameras.

On and on it went like that for over an hour.

It was not until some time after 9pm that the burning of Lucky Lady Lucy was started.  Myself, and many in the crowd were expecting it to occur at 8pm.

You can here the crowd in this video booing and screaming for them to burn it.

It was not the performers fault.  But the people running the event should learn from this to at least communicate with the crowd.

We waited too long, and it felt like they underdelivered.  I wanted to go around the whole First Friday thing.  But after standing in place for 90 minutes, in a tight crowd, all I wanted was to get away from a crowd.

Come on First Friday people.  Respect the comfort level of the crowd, and communicate with us, meaningfully.  And please get your public address system, microphones, whatever, louder.  And use them to talk with us, not huckster us.

The people running the event had to have heard the crowd.

Original video from RoyVegas embedded from youtube.

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Jennifer Battis said...

The performers put a lot of time and energy into this show, and even though you had to wait for the burn, it was extremely rude to boo them!!!

Roy said...

I did not boo, nor even cough. I filmed and now blogged. And if you read my post, you will see that I wrote, "It was not the performers fault. But the people running the event should learn from this to at least communicate with the crowd."

All the reports which I, and the rest of the audience, read, said the burning of Lucy was to be 8PM. The promoters knew it wouldn't start till after 9PM.

Did any performers read that and say, hey, people in the crowd might need to use the bathroom, but be afraid that they will miss the burn?

Of course not, late start means a bigger crowd.

If the performers had arrived an hour and eleven late, would that have been okay.

It is what it is. The crowd wasn't angry because they were an obnoxious crowd; they were angry because they were duped into arriving a few minutes before the promoted start time, and then got crushed in a giant crowd, waiting.

The audience deserved better consideration from the promoters of the event.