Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Jim Johnson Las Vegas Photograph Collection - Coming To RoyVegas Soon

Las Vegas, Nevada
Coming soon to http:/, the Jim Johnson Las Vegas Photograph collection.  Here we see the Riviera advertising Bobby Vinton and Milton Berle.  Well, the Riviera has outlasted Milton Berle who left us in 2002.

This through the windshield shot is a cropped, sepia'd color shot.

When I publish the collection, in a week or so, all the photos will be presented in full as taken.  Additionally we will look at particular areas of interest in any photos which warrant it, and many do.

Such as this photo.  Small part of a much larger photo.

This is Las Vegas Blvd, looking north, I believe 1979 or close to it.  The Silverbird, seen behind the Riviera later became El Rancho.

Notice no Stratosphere yet.

Also notice the models of cars driving on Las Vegas Blvd.

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