Thursday, May 24, 2012

Las Vegas - Elvis Got Pills Here - Now Its Gonna Be A Mini Mart - White Cross Drugs - White Cross Market

Las Vegas, Nevada
White Cross Drugs
1700 Las Vegas Boulevard South
(corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Oakey)

White Cross Drugs closed for good at the end of March 2012.  Tiffany's Cafe, the lunch counter located in the same building was actually a separate business, and at present remains open.

One can no longer walk from the lunch counter to the former drug store area, as it is gated off.

The floor space of former White Cross Drugs has been cleared and cleaned.  It is, as they say, "retail space."

The retail space formerly known as White Cross Drugs will become White Cross Market this summer.  It will be a mini mart/liquor store.

As a mini mart/liquor store it can succeed.

I read an article which suggested that White Cross Market may be more of a mini regular food market than a booze, smokes, and ready food, mini mart.  Myers Market used to be open right next to White Cross Drugs.  It appears to be the same building, with a firewall between them.

Myers Market has been closed for years, without a new occupant.  If you visit closed White Cross Drugs (or still open 24 hours a day Tiffany's Cafe) you can to this day see the signs on closed Myers Market.  So I am not confident that a more comprehensive food store would succeed there.

Nevada Public Radio KNPR has on their website an audio interview with Marcie Davis, the former owner of White Cross Drugs.  It is interesting and just under 15 minutes.

A 2007 movie called Lucky You had some scenes filmed in White Cross Drugs.

I found this on YouTube.  Here I am embedding from YouTube the promotional trailer from that movie.  Indeed you will see a few clips from inside Tiffany's Cafe and White Cross Drugs.

Lucky You looks interesting for the Las Vegas genre.  I hope redbox has it because I'm afraid that a DVD from Amazon would warp in the heat of my mailbox.

I have covered White Cross Drugs on this blog 3 times in the past.  My first post advised people to visit while they still could.  That was in 2007.  As well in that post you can see Myers Market, closed even at that time.  It is the brown building right next to White Cross Drugs.

My other two posts were around the closing of White Cross Drugs.

I wish good fortune to White Cross Market and Tiffany's Cafe, and as well to all of you.

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