Thursday, May 24, 2012

7 Las Vegas Tips For First Trip

1-Top of Stratosphere - If you intend on visiting the top of Stratosphere keep these things in mind.  Consider going at such a time in the afternoon or early evening that you can see and photograph under both daylight conditions, as well as through sunset, and into night when everything is lit.  Keep in mind that it may not be quick to get to the top.  Sometimes there is a line to get tickets, as well as to get on the elevator.  I think that their touristy elevator operators call them stratovators.  Just get me to the top.  Also there is sometimes a line to get on the elevator from the top to go down.  Last time I was there, Stratosphere offered a cut to the front of the line ticket for something like $10.

2-Availability of attractions  - Not all attractions are available at all times.  Especially in December, some things may be out of service for maintenance.  Things such as Sirens Of T.I. at Treasure Island.  They sometimes drain the water and service the ship track.  When that happens, there is no show.  Moving ramps may be out of service.  The fountains at Bellagio do not dance if the wind is too high; same with Sirens Of T.I.  In such unexpected cases, the cancellation will be announced over the public address system at the attraction.

3-Cabs - As a general rule, it is not advised to tell a cab driver that it is your first time in any city.  You should know where you are going, and Las Vegas is simple enough that a one page map printed from your computer, ought to be enough to keep you familiarized.  If you intend on going anywhere out of the ordinary such as Henderson or a private address, you really should have the directions.  Also, if you do not let go of your camera and phone in the cab, then you will not lose them in the cab.

4-New York New York, Venetian, Paris - All three I classify as must see for the excellent realism and detail, both outside as well as inside.  The New York New York food area has smaller scale streets and stores.  A brownstone building with a no menus sign (just like NYC).  Must see.

5-Riviera and Circus Circus - Both are old.  Riviera opened 20 April 1955.  Circus Circus opened 18 October 1968.  You should visit both because they might not exist the next time you visit Las Vegas.  
Tropicana is old too, but has recently had money spent on it.  Then again you never know.  Sometimes a 20 minute walk through is enough to have been there and seen it without chance for regret.

6-Arcade style video games - such as Space Invaders, Asteroids.  You might want to visit Insert Coins on Fremont Street.  Even though it is a bar, it is not open 24 hours.  Check it out at

7-Sigma Derby - It is a fantastic electromechanical horse racing game that takes quarters.  There is one in the MGM Grand Casino, and D Las Vegas is supposed to get one for the upstairs portion of their casino (on Fremont Street) if they have not gotten it yet.  The New Frontier had a Sigma Derby machine, and locations considered, it was the best place for Sigma Derby.  The New Frontier does not exist anymore but you can check it out at in these two posts:

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