Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Balcony Door Fell Off At Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, Nevada

This happened to me a while ago. back when the Cosmopolitan was still very new.

I spent the night at Cosmo - an odd cold and rainy night.  Very windy.  Clouds below the rooftops of Cosmo and City Center.

A few hours after midnight, I went to slide the balcony door, and the freeness of motion became stiff.  After a brief struggle, I was standing in my white Cosmo bathrobe, on the balcony, wind and rain blowing; and frightened that I would flip over the balcony from the weight of the sliding door which had come off the track.

I managed to prop it and get inside to safety.

In the photo, you see the balcony door off track and leaning against the balcony wall.


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