Friday, May 18, 2012

Canadians Visiting Las Vegas Exchange Currency At Golden Gate Casino

Hellooooo Canada!
Golden Gate Casino & Hotel will exchange your Canadian currency, and I believe give you some sort of bonus as well.  Check it out on their website

That is not an affiliate link, but it was difficult to find on their website, so do bookmark it.

Some places charge in order to exchange money, so if Golden Gate is exchanging your money for free and giving you a bonus as well, then that seems to be the place; and it is a fine place anyway.  An old but modern, hip and sexy place located at the Main Street end of Fremont Street.

It makes full sense from a marketing point.  If you know that Golden Gate will exchange Canadian currency, then Canadians may well go to Golden Gate Casino first on arriving in Las Vegas.  Maybe Canadians will decide to stay  at Golden Gate since they are Canadian friendly.

Golden Gate also has an excellent website.  Casino websites are not usually particularly interesting.  They exist to get the job done, but they are not Las Vegas fan type sites.  Golden Gate Casino & Hotel has a website which is probably the best of all the Las Vegas casinos & hotels.

On their main page they have a very well done and interesting movie done to a nostalgic Las Vegas theme.  It promotes Golden Gate Casino & Hotel in a fantastic light.

Here is a link to the main page of Golden Gates website, this is where you can see the old style Las Vegas movie for Golden Gate:  They ask the question, "Wonder what Las Vegas was like in the roaring 20's?"  And the Golden Gate Las Vegas short movie takes it from there.

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Thank you Canada.

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