Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5 Marketing Themes For Sahara SLS Las Vegas That You Wont See

Sahara is closed, and apparently will be redesigned to create SLS Las Vegas, a boutique hotel and casino.  It will cost hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as the absence of income from that property during the time it is closed.  Of course, that assumes the property was positive regarding income, to begin with.

No one likes the long wait for a new place to open in Las Vegas.

To help pass the time, (I hope by now that the intellectuals in the crowd are laughing) I made a list of 5 marketing themes which Sahara's owners could use to keep a section of Sahara open during remodeling.

If this post makes someone at SLS laugh, how about comping me a room when you open the new place so I can review opening night?

1-Super Low Stay
Rooms $25 a night Sunday - Thursday, $27 a night Fri - Sat

2-Seniors Love Sahara - The SLS
All seniors stay free

3-Saharas Last Stand
Unlock the doors.  Anyone can come in and homestead.

4-Stunning Lithuanian Suites
Marketing to the Lithuanian community.

5-Super Loose Slots
Give the people what they want.

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