Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Echelon Construction Las Vegas - What Is The Problem?

Stardust Hotel & Casino closed for good on 1 November 2006.  A few months later Stardust was imploded, the property was cleaned of the razed remains, and construction began on Echelon Place.

Then in 2008 construction of Echelon Place was suspended.  [Apparently, indefinitely suspended.]
Boyd Gaming has stated that their reason for suspending the construction of Echelon is the national economic difficulties.

The website of Boyd Gaming says that construction will resume in 3 to 5 years.  But that is not a dated item.  3 to 5 years from when?  I don't like intentional vagueness.  Too much like those late night infomercials; you have to call in the next 2 and a half minutes to place your order.  Yeah right.

Does Boyd not have the ability to finish the project?

At the end of the implosion of the Stardust, the lights went dark too soon.  Other Las Vegas bloggers I spoke with, all concluded, as did I, that the early darkness was an error.  The fireworks and implosion up to that point, the final point, had been flawless and fantastic..

In 1931 the United States was in the Great Depression.  Even so, construction of Rockefeller Center began that year.  It was completed without interruption during a horrible economic period.

Recently, I have read and heard the pithy question of what to do about Echelon?

The answer is easy, but the courage isn't.

Finish the project.  Resume construction now, and finish it.

By the way,the name sucks.  The famous Stardust sign should have been left in place, and the name of the new site ought to have been kept as Stardust, even though it would defy the ordinary way of doing things.


Thank goodness they didn't handle the construction at Giza.


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