Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Holy Cow Casino Demolition - Las Vegas Strip

The old Holy Cow Casino and Brewery in Las Vegas has been demolished.  The top photo is the last photo I took of the vacant building on the northeast corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Sahara; it's the black building in the distance.

A  little while after the Holy Cow closed in 2002, it served as a sales office for Ivana.  That was when the building was painted black with pink.

Ivana Trump had a billboard near the Stardust sports book side, and was going to build a 70 something story building on that tiny parcel.  It didn't happen.

That building, with it's black and pink, was the last remaining visible reminder of the Ivana project.

Before it was the Holy Cow Casino and Brewery, it was Foxy's Firehouse Casino.  It looked it's best during that phase.  I do not have any photos of it from then, but have seen photos online.  At that time the building was red and orange, and looked okay for that type of place.

The address of the now demolished building is 2423 Las Vegas Blvd South.


bigrig505 said...

Always wondered if Holy Cow was still open. Was in Vegas doing Cowboy Christmas Show in 95 and staying at Sahara. Ate many times during that week and the burgers and micro brews were great.

SRW said...

The only place open right now at the intersection of Sahara and Las Vegas Blvd is Bonanza Souvenir Shop, on the northwest corner.

Holy Cow was razed, but nothing has replaced it.

Sahara closed and is presently being converted into SLS Casino.

The southwest corner which has been vacant since the 1960 *El Rancho fire remains vacant.

*Note, the original El Rancho, not the 1982 El Rancho which was a little south on the Strip, on the opposite side of the street.

Places like Holy Cow would offer an interesting variety on the strip if they existed today. A place that you could enter and depart from easily instead of navigating huge properties.

Miss it.