Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Las Vegas - Too Much

This isn't funny. Maybe it's sad and ridiculous. Maybe it's a warning.

Recently, on Las Vegas Boulevard in the vicinity of The Monte Carlo, a man was so inebriated that he was largely unable to walk without, and even with, the help of his two friends.

At one point they tried to hail a cab, but the nature of The Strip at busy hour is that the empties are staged on the hotel cab lines.

Several pick up and collapses later they seemed to have gotten a little better at helping their friend along. Even so, I doubt that they were able to make it past all of Project City Center without need for another rest.

As slim as the odds are that the incapacitated man will read this blog post and see himself, those odds are still greater than the odds that he will otherwise remember any of his walk.

I would write a public service type of thing here, but the photos have already written it.

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