Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fremont Street Experience - The Stage Is In The Way

Location: Fremont Street Experience at 1st Street
Blogger Mood: Displeased

I may well have the name incorrect, but the best info I have now is that the guy on the stage spinning the pipe cube is The Amazing Constantine.

The guy trying to walk past the stage (not shown in photo) is The Amazing RoyVegas. Me.

This is stupidity. The stage is too large to be located in the center of Fremont and 1st. The Golden Nugget construction corner comes rather close to the stage creating a bottleneck of people who are amazed with the spinning cube guy.

Then like a mighty icebreaker trying to keep the channels open, I and others plow through. How about shoving the stage at least halfway between Mermaids and Binion's, if the Golden Nugget and Pioneer Souvenirs side is temporarily unavilable?

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