Thursday, September 13, 2007

Las Vegas - Klondike Ruins

On Monday 11 June 2007 I made a post in which I wrote about how Diablo's Cantina would be completed before any significant change occurs at The Klondike (Las Vegas Boulevard location).

To the best of my knowledge, Diablo's Cantina will open in two days, on Saturday 15 September 2007. And as predicted, The Klondike is in a state of ruins, but yet without having been formally demolished.

There are signs which state that The Klondike has been, and still might be, used for police K9 training. If true then that might account for some of the ruins. But it doesn't account for all of it. And it doesn't account for the first building on The Strip, (just past the famous Welcome sign) being a fenced in abandoned building, instead of an active business, or an active construction project.

In one of the photos, it can be seen that a tree, or large section of tree, has fallen across part of the drained pool.

By my definition, The Las Vegas Strip goes from the famous Welcome sign (beginning), to The Stratosphere (end). The Klondike section of The Strip still has remains that are worth checking out. Remnants. Over the next few days, I will make posts on some of this area (in addition to other stuff).

As well, I am still working on a post regarding the defunct Elvis A Rama.

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Royal Marty said...

These photos just broke my wife's heart. She worked as a cage cashier at the klondike for 5 years, right up till the day they locked the doors for good. Owner, management, all of the employees, and all of the regular customers were all one big happy family.
RIP Klondike! Your spirit will be eternal at this address.