Monday, September 24, 2007

Las Vegas - Frontier Demolition Picks Up And RoyVegas Slows Down

In this substandard photograph the backside of The Frontier is seen with the rear valet structure completely removed, as well as the structure which extended from the building to the valet area.

Also note the glass removed on some lower levels as well as some upper levels.


This blog has slowed down quite a bit in the last week or two. This is a result of my life having become superbusy; not a loss of interest.

It is only a temporary slowdown.


The one year anniversary of the closing of Elvis-A-Rama (on Industrial) is coming up on October 1st. The building is still there. The signs are still there. But Elvis is not.

The one year anniversary of the closing of The Stardust is coming up on November 1st. Echelon Place construction is underway.


Las Vegas has been getting a bit cooler recently. After living in the 100s for a few months, a 70 degree night feels cool.

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