Thursday, September 27, 2007

Frontier Las Vegas - Almost As It Was

This is as fresh as it gets. The Frontier as phoographed yesterday afternoon.

As with many demolitions, the front of The Frontier is being kept as untouched as possible, for as long as possible, while the majority of activity occurs on the backside.

Most visitors to Las Vegas do not venture on Fashion Show Drive, because there is obviously nothing to see there, (and the sidewalks on both sides are noncontinuous at points).

I walked up Fashion Show Drive, and got these, and many more photos of the demolition of The Frontier.

In a little while, when the building is far more gutted and bare than it is right now, it will not be as striking for me to look at The Frontier. When the building is a standing shell, awaiting implosion, it will already be dead.

Right now though, The Frontier is still alive, as it is taken apart. Take a look at the rooms which have had their outer walls removed. One of them still has a television.

The place is real. It is almost as it was.


Alex said...

how can they let tv sets inside the rooms, including the furniture?
with wind and rain that can go inside?

Anonymous said...

Man, I want to stay there again. Memories of playing penny poker with my friends in the atrium "suite". The first time I saw the "chopper" at 3am while drunk out of my mind. The sigma derby. The 99c margaritas. The bingo ladies.

Walter said...

Hey Roy, any confirmed date of the implosion? I saw that The Strip podcast said it would be November 13 but Steve Wynn said October 13 in a recent interview. October 13 seems too soon based on the photos.

Roy said...

I go along with The Strip Podcast date of 13 November 2007 (at I would imagine 0230 or so).

October 13 is too soon. The way they are moving, November 13 might be too soon.

On a technical note, I think that there is a 10 day notice requirement which is public information.

Though I have temporarily slowed on posting, I am still here, and am aware of the ongoing progress. October 13 could not be accomplished.

Steve Wynn while successful, does not impress me in a good way.

I hope to post much of the current view of The Frontier on Tuesday or Wednesday.