Friday, September 7, 2007

The Pioneer Club

I like being able to glimpse into the past. On Fremont Street, The Pioneer Club (souvenir shop) provides one such opportunity.

The Pioneer Club is located diagonally across from Binion's. It used to be a casino and hotel. Now it is only a souvenir shop.

Although the Vegas Vic neon cowboy still lights up, the words PIONEER CLUB which are located near Vegas Vic, but above the roof, no longer light up.

The Pioneer Club Casino opened in 1942, and went through additions, reductions, and name changes through the years. Finally in 1995 The Pioneer Club closed for good; and became a gift shop.

It is interesting to note that The Pioneer Club closed in rather close time to the construction and opening of The Fremont Street Experience.

I haven't the time to fully get into this topic in this post. And I need to check out more details as well. But it appears that there are other remaining items of The Pioneer, which are invisible to those who are not looking.

As well I must wonder if it is not possible that The Pioneer Club will one day live again (whether with the same name or not). This building will not remain a souvenir shop forever.

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