Saturday, March 31, 2007

Five Things That Could Replace The Riviera (but won't)

Why doesn't The Riviera just end it already?

The Stardust is gone, and when Echelon Place opens in 2010 it will be a very hot spot. It would be good synergy for The Riviera to close shop, implode, and build something new to open shortly (12 months or less) after Echelon Place opens.

If The Riviera was demolished, and on that spot The Stardust was built, it would be a step up.
It's an old place, and I would like to like it, but I don't.

Here is a list of 5 things I would rather see at the site of The Riviera:

1-The Stardust (could have just brought the stuff from across the street).

2-The Sands.

3-An automat. (Bring it back. Face to face interaction is overated.)

4-A drive in movie theater. For that matter, how about a drive in movie theater at Echelon Place?

5-A Las Vegas sign museum.

I certainly realize that the profit per unit area for some of these ideas would be too low, considering what can be made on The Strip. This isn't intended as an authentically persuasive argument, just something to get the mind thinking.

If any of the five items I listed, replaced The Riviera, would you go?

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