Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Las Vegas - Westward Ho Expansion - Short Lived Oddity

Las Vegas buffs will enjoy this, as this item is of a short lived oddity.

Just north of The Stardust was The Westward Ho. In January 2005, The Westward Ho opened an establishment on the west side of their property, and called it simply The Ho.

The Ho had a gas station, a grocery store, and a small casino; but no hotel or motel. It was located on Industrial Boulevard between The Stardust and Circus Circus.

In November 2005 The Westward Ho closed for good. And approximately one week later, The Ho on Industrial also closed forever, even though it had been open for less than one year.

I went into The Ho only once. I remember there was a guy on a stage singing karaoke. He was horrible. The place was so unreal in a defective sort of way, that I felt like a complete observer from some future time.

Now you too can be an observer from that future time. The Ho is gone, so is The Stardust, and yet here you are looking back at them both.

To put it in some perspective, it was set up like this.

The gas station pumps were the first thing encountered when entering from Industrial Boulevard. If you walked in the first doors, you entered a grocery store. The grocery store was spacious, but didn't seem to have as much as it should have. If you continued walking, you could go through a door or doorway (whatever it was) and enter the bar and games area. They had a few live tables, and low rent machines, and a bar on the left. The bar, if I recall correctly, was somewhat similar to a Chock Full O Nuts restaurant, in shape. And behind the bar was a stage, on which horrible karaoke was sung.

Here is a photo of this wonderful and short lived place. To the left, you can see the Industrial Boulevard entrance to Circus, and to the right, in the distance, you can see the familiar horizontal lines of The Stardust. Between the two was The Ho.

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