Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stardust - Street Photographer Social Skills

Like night and day.

Just as I am getting used to seeing The Stardust as an uncolorful gutted framework, it is going to be imploded. Seeing nothing there will be a little unsettling. However not nearly as unsettling as some of the (alcohol induced-?) banter which sometimes comes my way as I am in the street engaged in taking pictures.
A few weeks ago, I had my camera on a tripod, and clearly pointing at the top of The Stratosphere hotel. Yet I was asked what I was taking a picture of. The barrel of the camera could not have been mistaken as pointing at anything else.

When the Westward Ho closed, there were signs outside with information pertaining to the closure. It was a sunny afternoon and I took a picture of the sign. A very drunk man with a bottle in hand asked me incredulously why I was taking a picture of "that sign." I told him that it was because I was a drunk and asked him why he had that bottle in his hand. He then asked if I would like him to take my picture with the sign.

Last night I photographed The Stardust again; (because I won't be able to ever again in little more than two days). An inebriated oddball had questions about a barber and some other nonsense.

Do you see the unique social skills which go into being a good street photographer?

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