Saturday, March 17, 2007

Las Vegas - Two Years Ago

Yesterday I posted a photo of The Barbary Coast from 2005. As I looked through my collection I noticed changes from then and now. Here then is a list, with accompanying photos, of changes in the way things are in Las Vegas from two years ago.

1-Barbary Coast was Barbary Coast.

2-Caesars Palace Flamingo side tower was still under construction, nearing completion.

3-The Stardust Theater was still called The Wayne Newton Theater.
3b-The Stardust still existed. Now it is gone.

I'd like to mention here that during the last days of The Stardust, I had the opportunity to walk out on the stage in the theater, and will get to posting those shots of the theater as seen from the stage.

4-Westward Ho was still open. In fact not only was The Westward Ho open two years ago, but so was their short lived Ho on the Industrial Boulevard side. (The one with the gas station and grocery store.)

5-Wynn was not yet completed, though it was nearing completion.

6-The Trump project was nothing more than a sign on the corner of Fashion Show Drive and Las Vegas Boulevard. Not even the sales office was built. Now the actual tower is nearing completion.

7-People still crossed the street between Treasure Island, and The Fashion Show Mall, on ground level. That was always a dangerous and difficult intersection for both cars and pedestrians. Now it is crossed by an escalator-elevator crossover. Treasure Island can be accessed directly by the crossover. Two years ago it was still being built. By the way, an added benefit of the crossovers is that at the right time, you can find scofflaw entrepreneurs selling bottled water at $1.00 each.

8-Palazzo, the extension of The Venetian, was nothing more than dirt being primed. It is now built to a significant degree.

I'm going to stop there at 8. Going on to 10 is too regimented. And even 10 items would be way too short to list all the changes. Bourbon Street, South Coast, on and on the list can go.

I won't be representing all of these items photographically in this particular post, but will do so in upcoming posts.

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