Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Las Vegas - Stardust Implosion - Unbelievable

A short post to get this out there. More extensive later.

The Stardust implosion was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Absolutely mindblowing.

The Strip was filled with people, milling about everywhere. The Stardust was illuminated throughout the night, in an everchanging selection of colors.

Fireworks were launched, and it was longer and much better than I expected. So much better, that I had to change memory cards late in the fireworks display, but shortly before the implosion. That was unnerving. (I took a little more than 700 photographs through the night.)

As the fireworks were coming to an end, The Stardust seemed to ignite in selected lines of fire. Then the countdown to the implosion occurred, with the numbers of the countdown lit in fire (or whatever it was that resembled fire) on the face of The Stardust.

Then the implosion. It did not seem as loud as the garage implosion. Maybe I am just becoming jaded, as this was my second implosion in a week.

The smoke cloud was much more significant than I had expected. It rolled quickly, and the entire area became white. Not just smoke - it was actually thick particulate matter.

I am going to post this now, and save greater detail for a later post. I have yet to go to sleep, but will have many photos up today.

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