Monday, March 19, 2007

Las Vegas - Al Stewart Concert - Sunset Station

Henderson, Nevada

Al Stewart, most popular for his song Year Of The Cat, will be performing at Club Madrid in Sunset Station, on Saturday 24 March 2007. Tickets start at $15, probably less than an Al Stewart CD. Of course, some of you might suggest that $15 is 15x the cost of an Al Stewart CD.

Anyway, if he is someone who you would like to see in concert, probably to hear his most well known song, this is an excellent opportunity.

Sunset Station is in Henderson, Nevada, not Las Vegas. It is a 20 minute drive from McCarran Airport. The drive and the area are good, and one probably need not be armed to the teeth in order to feel safe.

Club Madrid is a small club. There would be no such thing as a seat being too far away for this concert. I imagine that it will be set up with round tables and chairs, though I am really not sure.

5 Reasons To Attend:

1-You always wanted to hear the song live.
2-You always wanted to visit Sunset Station.
3-No Mosh Pit.
4-Okay that's 3 reasons not 5.

The cafe at Sunset Station has very good food and seating. Parking is easy.

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