Monday, March 12, 2007

Stardust - Breaking Information

On Sunday night 11 March 2007 The Stardust was illuminated in a test of lighting to be used during the implosion. Syncrolites have been placed in rows around the property. At one point, large rectangles of light with the word "TESTING" written in them, slowly moved across the face of the main building.

I have heard, but not confirmed, that a movie company will be filming the implosion.

As well, last week, local NBC reported (just before the implosion of the Wynn garage) that the implosion of The Stardust will have fireworks being launched at the event.

Rain For Rent is set up on the property; the implosion cloud is going to be significant.

I was not happy to see The Stardust close. As long as it has though, it may as well go out with a finale fitting its name...

...The Legendary Stardust.
[The Stardust will be imploded at 0230 hours Tuesday 13 March 2007]

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