Sunday, September 16, 2007

One Hot Night At Diablo's Cantina


Diablo's Cantina is finally open. At night the place is really hot.

Music playing on both levels. Modern club lighting. Beautiful girls dressed in sexy outfits with boots dance on the upper level (part of the hour) by the glass wall at the Las Vegas Boulevard side.

Everybody was checking the place out. The pictures do not do it justice. They are impressive, but oh man if you are there in person. Whoo! At night, Diablo's is electrifying.


MyNetwork said...

hi roy! you liked very mych of diablo's!!!
and about the food?
i don't drink alcohol, but i love mexican food....
did you tried something from the menu?
thank you and take care with the girl on the glass!!!

SRW said...

Alex, I expected a comment from you on this post!

I have not yet been a customer of Diablo's.

But I have given them exposure in here, so if they would like to comp myself and a date, I would be happy to post on the experience.