Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Las Vegas - Trump Tower - Renter Dilemma

Not on Las Vegas Boulevard, but close enough, Trump's first Las Vegas tower is near external completion. This shot is looking west (toward Industrial). At the right The Frontier hangs on.

Once Trump's building opens, this street which has always been a nice shortcut to eject from traffic and escape via alternate roads, will perhaps become too well known and busy to serve as a traffic escape route.

I read an article recently which mentioned that condo owners in Trumps building will be allowed to rent out their Trump condos when they are not occupying them. I don't care to consider it from a legal perspective, which I suppose is proper. But if I was a full time condo owner and resident in such a building, I would not be comfortable about such a rent out scenario.

While I recognize that the renting out of condos is common, the particular dynamics of life in a major building which is located in a tourist destination could be a concern. In particular I wonder what percentage of dwellings will be occupied by owner residents, and what percentage will be occupied by transients (albeit with enough money to rent).
I expect hotels to be occupied by a constantly changing populace (at least it is somewhat managed from a central point). The emerging trend of of mixed condo and hotel buildings (combined with the condo rent out issue) seems to be interesting for renters, and individuals who wish to make money by renting out.

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Unknown said...

Las Vegas condos aren't cheap as it is.... i wonder how much the trump tower condos will go for.