Friday, May 18, 2007

Las Vegas - El Rancho Sign Is Gone

I keep forgetting to post this.

Even though the place is gone, the El Rancho sign has remained for quite a while. It had been covered with ads for Turnberry most recently. Those ads came down in a windstorm, and for many months the old El Rancho sign was visible again, across the street and a little north of Circus Circus.

About 2 weeks ago the El Rancho sign was taken down. No big fanfare like with The Stardust sign. Still though, it was a relic of sorts, and an indication of where something was. The sign was nostalgia.

I have much better photos of the EL Rancho sign, but I wanted to get this post up fast while I was thinking about it again; and this was the first photo I found.

As with my recent comments about The Frontier. And certainly my Stardust final days series, this sign makes a point.

Stuff (buildings, signs, stores, hang outs) disappear in Las Vegas. You have got to see it while you can.

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