Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Las Vegas - Palazzo - (Group A)

You can't have a good sandwich without good cold cuts, and I am just not happy with my most recent sandwich. However that should not prevent me from publishing this batch of photos which is a glimpse of the present state of Palazzo (under construction).

This group of 5 photos will be followed by another group or two later today or tomorrow.

Palazzo is being built across the street (across Las Vegas Boulevard) from Treasure Island.

For some reason, I've met a lot of people who are unsure of the location of The Venetian, but they usually do know the location of Treasure Island. Because of this phenomenon, I refer to Palazzo as being across from Treasure Island, instead of next to The Venetian; which would seem to me to be the more reasonable way of describing it's location, but alas there is no reason in a world which makes sandwiches inconsistently.

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L.E. Fant said...

Your sandwich is probably is comprised of imitation substances purporting to be real, from bread to filling. For example, Cheddar cheese is from Cheddar-not New York one may easily taste the difference. Various sandwich meats are so adulterated that "taste" is added. I suggest you see the movie "Fast Food Nation" for more nuritional information.
Maybe the Wynn dealers can buy all of the Trump condos and leave them vacant?