Friday, May 18, 2007

Las Vegas - Fantasy Changes (part 1)

I was thinking about how Palazzo will be, (as Cosmo Kramer might say) architecturally incorrect. It faces north instead of south. With exceptions of varying degrees, The Strip seems to be cumulatively designed for a person to see if they were travelling in a car from the famous WELCOME sign near Mandalay Bay, to the Stratosphere. Palazzo though seems like it will be passed and looked back at over ones right shoulder.

This led to my speculating on some changes or what ifs. Here then, is a partial list of Las Vegas Fantasy Changes.

1-Reopen the Klondike. As long as you are going to drive past it, it may as well be lit up. And anyway, it was a good spot to park your car when going to visit the Welcome sign in the middle of The Strip.

2-Switch the locations of Excalibur and the MGM Grand. The Coca Cola place, M&M world, and Excalibur belong together. And with the MGM Grand as part of the triad of Luxor and Mandalay Bay, it could be a very hot nightclub corridor.

3-Bring back the Boardwalk because I don't think that Steve Wynn should be the only clown on The Strip.

To be continued...

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