Sunday, May 13, 2007

Las Vegas - Project City Center Across The Street

How much longer?

How much longer will the few small things left on The Strip remain?

I can not argue that the small places are that important; anymore, anyway. But I always did like the way they divided up the content of The Strip.

It is almost all gone.

The gas station which had the sign offering free aspirin and tender sympathy is the CVS drugstore near the Monte Carlo.

Fantasia which was across from The Algiers is gone. The Algiers is gone too.

So is the wedding chapel which was just a little south of The Algiers (the Circus Circus - Riviera intersection).

The helicopter landing pad which was across from The Aladdin is now part of the Project City Center construction site. It was always cool to see the helicopter land and take off from a Strip location. It added excitement.

People walking along The Strip could without a reservation walk up and plunk down $49 to take a short helicopter ride to a little past the Stratosphere and back.

Although the helicopter rides are still available at a different location (airport), it was special to walk past it in the course of going from, say, The Monte Carlo to Bellagio.


Wet N Wild is gone.

So when I see the small shops across from Project City Center (under construction) I wonder how much longer they will last.

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