Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Las Vegas - Sahara - Bonanza

Another look at the changing area of Sahara and Las Vegas Boulevard.

To the left is a new residential building. It is still dark, but will be open soon. On the right side of the photo is The Stratosphere, which opened in 1996. Down where the arrows are pointing is the Bonanza souvenir shop. In the post below this one, I present the concern that the valuable real estate of Bonanza might lead to it's closing.

This intersection will change significantly.

The empty lot at the bottom of the accompanying photo was where the ORIGINAL El Rancho was located. It burned down on 17 June 1960. The site has been cleared, but nothing has been built on that location since the fire.

It would be nice if a Las Vegas nostalgia park would be built there. Nice but not lucrative. Speculation of a hotel opening at that location has circulated recently.

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