Thursday, May 3, 2007

Las Vegas - Aladdin

By now many people have seen the Planet Hollywood sign atop the former Aladdin. Nothing special.
I was flipping through some of my photos of the Aladdin, and I realized that Aladdin never even had its name at the top of the main building (at the spot where Planet Hollywood now has it's main sign).
I never paid too much attention to the place. My guess is I'm not alone or it would still exist. It kind of seemed like a building that didn't know which way it wanted to face.
Aladdin didn't care if I was there. And I did not care if Aladdin was there.
Now it is Planet Hollywood, but the building - I still don't know what it is. Indeed there are changes to the low level face, and inside as well. But the main building; this boomerang with narrow windows, I just don't get it.

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