Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Las Vegas - Planet Hollywood - Mosying Along

If there was a work slowdown at Planet Hollywood, how would you know?

There seems to be a lot of progress as Planet Hollywood is carved out of the former Aladdin. It is just that the progress appears to me to be occurring in a manner characterized by lack of speed.

Across the street, Project City Center is making noticeable growth. The rate of the work being done at PCC, seems to be much quicker than that at PH. I don't get it.

(If you are in the area, as I am, you can not help but compare the two, as both can be seen at the same time.)

On the front of Planet Hollywood (Las Vegas Boulevard side) I noticed what appeared to be a Las Vegas Boulevard side garage entrance, (similar to the taxi entrance which drops to a lower level at the Riviera). Perhaps I am wrong, as it is not done yet. I suppose that this would be a good addition to the Harmon Avenue garage entrance, as long as the sidewalk is not traversed by vehicles as it is at the Riviera.

[See one of the photos I am including and decide for yourself.]

My posts have been much more infrequent lately. Indeed I am keeping on, just slower. Much like Planet Hollywood.

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