Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Las Vegas Progress - Encore, Wynn, Palazzo, And A Lush

Here is an interesting shot I took of [from left to right] Encore, Wynn, and Palazzo. Before taking this photo I was disrupted by a local lush who stumbled along from Las Vegas Boulevard, apparently heading to the area of Industrial. He wanted to ramble about something that was in his head, some nonsense. I curtly explained I was busy - because I must get these shots out to you dear reader - and the stumblebum continued talking to the air as he walked into the darkness which is the west running road between the former Stardust and the soon to be former Frontier.

Another batch of Palazzo progress from closer up is forthcoming. I wanted to get this wider perspective shot out at this time.

Behind me as I took this photo, is the site of the former (imploded March 2007) Stardust. It will become Echelon Place.

In March 2007, a week before The Stardust was imploded, there was a 9 story garage which was imploded on the property owned by Wynn. That garage was located on the left side of the building (Encore) which you see on the left side of the accompanying photo.

Wynn, the middle of ths 3 buildings shown has recently passed it's 2 year anniversary of bring open.

Palazzo, which is sort of an extension of The Venetian is under construction, and is the buildign on the right side.

Not shown in this photo, but actually to my immediate right, is The Frontier. (Does anyone really call it The New Frontier anymore?) The Frontier is in the news again with rumors of it being closed imminently.

And as well I ought to mention that also out of view in this photo, but also to my immediate right, is Trump's first Las Vegas Tower, which is scheduled to open in February 2008.

This particular area of The Strip has many construction projects going on right now. If you do visit Las Vegas soon, and The Frontier is open, VISIT IT. It is unlikely that it will be open the next time you come to Las Vegas. While it is not an incredible place, it is an old and historic place, and the clock is ticking.

I will continue my series on the progress of Palazzo, and as well the rest of the progress of this rapidly changing area.

The temperature in Las Vegas is very near or at 100 degrees F. The sky is blue. New neighbors are moving in where I live, and I hope that they are bright enough to not take my assigned parking spot when I go off to take more photos for this very important blog. A blog which is certainly better than the crap you can buy from the drugstore newsrack.
Next post: Palazzo progress continued.

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