Thursday, October 4, 2007

Frontier Demolition Update As Of Wednesday 3 October 2007

Here is the state of The Frontier as I photographed it on Wednesday 3 October 2007. It is a good thing that they are moving slowly as I am still not blogging at full speed.

The front of The Frontier is rather untouched. There are individual windows out, but it is largely intact. The sign is still up. The front valet area is still standing. Almost all of the non-tower buildings are still standing. As previously mentioned, the rear valet structure has already been demolished. That is the only structure which has been demolished thus far.

Inside, I can see and hear debris falling internally from a good height. I do not know, but suppose that an elevator shaft is being used to drop debris. So although many windows are still up, there is more internal demolition than can be seen.

Still though, I certainly do not see the implosion taking place before 13 November 2007, and I will venture to speculate that the building might not be ready to be imploded until after 13 November.

In fact, let me go on the record as saying that I believe that the implosion will take place later than 13 November 2007. That, of course, is just my own guess.


L.E. Fant said...

Is that merely "a guess" or is it an "educated guess?"

Clearly the former is superfluous and is meaningless, however, the latter is worthy of contemplation and perhaps booking air tickets.

Alex said...

I will go to Las Vegas on Dec 2 until Dec 8, maybe the demolition will be this period?
it will be awesome to eat at Stripburger with dust in my bread!

Alex said...

You can book a room just in time for the New Year... maybe with the debrees

you can print coupons, book a tea...

but the most awkward is that has a link to TRUMP Casino. And i entered the website and it look preety much like his poor brother, or cousin... Travelodge!

Check the cover of the websites:

(it has this look for more than two years!)

Trump copied the Travelodge's website???????????

a.i. editor said...

Implosions are interesting to watch.

I wished I could be looking at "live" from a safe distance.

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Its about travel too & I reckon your vegas blog can benefit by exchanging links.

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Roy said...

L.E.Fant, air tickets? Why fly? Just call, and I will give you a lift in my fast car with the self adjusted clutch cable.

Bring your dust mask and hard hat, as I am not convinced that they know or care about what they are doing.