Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Las Vegas Church Building Moving

The white church has sat abandoned for several years. Across Las Vegas Boulevard is Circus Circus. And on the same side of The Strip, just across the street is The Riviera. The Algiers used to be right next door, but is completely gone. And soon apparently, the white church will be gone too, or at least, relocated.

The church which sits on busy Las Vegas Boulevard, just north of The Riviera, is being raised in preparation to be physically relocated. I do not know where it is to go, and the project is moving slowly, yet the building is off the ground, and a truck has been in front for at least a week.

This isn't big news, mediawise; but if you are "into" Vegas, then it is a little astounding to see something which seems so out of place, considering the current real estate values. It is no longer a strip of little independent buildings, and soon this one will go away too.

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